How to write a HR Cover Letter

An HR cover letter is written by an applicant who wants a job as a human resource executive in a particular company. Although there are different designations in the HR department itself, the employer mainly looks for someone who knows about benefits packages, pay scales, various taxes and laws related to it. Focus your cover letter on the needs of the employer and mention those skills which will be beneficial in this field so that it creates a good impression on the employer. These tips can be followed in order to create an HR cover letter:

  • Be formal and concise: The language of an HR cover letter should be formal, to the point and do not make it unnecessarily long.
  • Research: Go through various advertisements which put up HR jobs and find out what are the requirements and job duties of that particular post.
  • Introduction: The first part of the letter should focus on why are you applying, what are you are looking for and briefly tell about yourself. Don’t keep repeating information that you are going to mention in the resume later.
  • Skills and qualifications: A person who is applying for an HR job must have good communication skills, organisational ability and also share any past work experience and accomplishments.
  • Proofread: A poorly written letter with spelling or grammatical mistakes creates a very bad impression. An HR executive has to draft many letters and so it is important that a candidate applying for an HR job must have good language skills.