How to write a Hospitality Cover Letter

A hospitality cover letter is written by someone who is applying for a job in the field of hospitality. The hospitality sector covers jobs which provide food, beverages and accommodation services, like hotels, restaurants, cruises, pubs and even airplanes. Depending on which organisation you are applying to, modify your cover letter accordingly because a pub would have different expectations from a candidate whereas a high-end hotel would expect something else. The different posts one can apply to in the hospitality sector are either related to management work or chef duties.

  • Sender’s information: Give your name, contact information right at the beginning of the letter.
  • Receiver’s information: Address the letter to the right person and write down his or her name, designation and the name of the organisation correctly, devoid of any spelling errors or grammatical mistakes.
  • Introduction: Write a brief introduction about yourself, why you want to be in the hospitality sector, your qualifications and previous work experience if any.
  • Mention your skills: Write down those skills which will be relevant to that particular sector. In hospitality, one needs to be courteous, well-mannered and should be able to communicate well with customers. They must be able to work under long hours and often under pressure, yet remain calm and poised. Chefs must have culinary skills and managers must have good organisational abilities.
  • Internship: Even if you do not have any work experience, mention if you have done any internship in a hotel or restaurant. Give recommendations from your previous employers, if any.