How to write a Health Care Cover Letter

A health care cover letter is written when one applies for a job or internship in company related to field of healthcare, like hospitals, research, pharma companies etc. There can be both entry-level cover letters and those which mention past experience. But one can always make a good impression by writing the relevant qualifications, skills and goals which will get the attention of the healthcare company’s head so that he considers you for the job. These points can be followed while drafting a healthcare cover letter:

  • Be to the point: Be sure of what you want from the organisation and what you want them to see in you and accordingly write the letter in a concise and clear manner.
  • Focus on company: Tailor your cover letter anticipating what the healthcare organisation is looking for in the candidate by visiting their website, reading their professional goals and accomplishments, their vision and philosophy.
  • Skills and qualifications: Mention the right skills which would be suitable for a job in a healthcare sector, like ability to work under pressure, good people skills, idealism, empathy and compassion. Similarly, mention your educational qualifications especially your performance in fields like biology, microbiology etc, especially if you have no prior work experience.
  • Work experience: Those with previous work experience can give a brief summary of their accomplishments of working with patients or visitors which may include direct interaction or managerial duties.
  • Avoid repetition: There is a tendency to repeat the same information in both the cover letter and the resume. Avoid that and add something new by mentioning your likes, dislikes, goals and why you are interested in the field of healthcare.
  • Avoid unnecessary information: Don’t write too many personal details or information which is redundant. Keep the letter focussed and precise to retain the attention of the reader.