Sample Consultant Cover Letter

Dt: 14th July 2012

Mr. Michael Blackhurst

Managing Director


Boston, MA

Respected Mr. Blackhurst,

I got to know about the vacant position of a consultant from the News Daily Journal and I am interested in applying for the post because the requirements you have set matches my educational credentials and my past experience.I want to be a part of your team so that I can use my skills and knowledge in increasing the growth rate of your organization even faster.

Sir, after passing out my Master’s degree in Business Administration from Boston University, I have been working as a consultant for the past two years. I have worked closely with a wide range of clients to provide remote management solutions. I have delivered production support at the client sites and participated in the development and enhancement of various products.

With a basic knowledge of the business models and internal processes, I would always try to ensure client satisfaction and to establish a good relationship with the prospective clients and colleagues.

I look forward to a personal meeting where I can answer your questions and further discuss how I can contribute as a part of your team. Thank you for your time and consideration.


George Biros

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