Management Consultant Cover Letter

Dt: 14th July 2012

Mr. Constantine Caramanis

Recruitment Manager

Makosi Group

Dallas, TX

Respected Mr. Caramanis,

Please consider me for a career with Makosi Group as a management consultant, which is vacant at the moment in your company. I got across this recruitment option by visiting your official website. Sir, I feel that I meet the requirements as outlined by you.

With a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, I have three years of experience, working as a project manager. I have working knowledge of MS Access, MS Excel and SQL fundamentals. I have sound knowledge of OTC processing and XML schemas. In addition, I have an active SCI security clearance.

Over the past three years of my job tenure, I have worked directly with the front office executives and regulatory teams in order to prepare and document various business requirements. I havealso identified and resolved the various issues that aroused during the various stages of project life cycle.

Sir, I am interested in discussing with you, about your specific goals and how I can implement my ideas in achieving those goals. Please consider my enclosed resume. I look forward to talking with you soon.

Sincerely Yours,

Matthew Campbell

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