Leasing Consultant Cover Letter

Dt: 14th July 2012

Ms. Dongmei Chen

Head- Human Resource Department


Dallas, TX

Respected Ms. Chen,

I am writing to you in correspondence to the vacant position of a Leasing consultant in your reputed organization. I am a graduate in Accounting and have three years of relevant experience in working full time as a leasing consultant. With  experience in working under tight deadlines and with effective communication skills, I believe that I can now perform the job even more better and can contribute to the growth rate of your organization in the minimum possible time.

Over the past three years, I have

  • Served residents by writing service request.
  • Conducted site tours to introduce the prospective residents to the amenities present in the community.
  • Developed various personal sales techniques.
  • Maintained through product knowledge of the property.
  • Developed great rapport with my clients.

With all the above knowledge and expertise, I made my clients happy with the service I provided to them, and because of this achievement, I managed to develop good image with my permanent clients.

I would really appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss my candidature in detail.


Ray Chen

Enclosure : Resume

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