Sample Construction Cover Letter

Mr. Jill May

General Manager,

Good Man Builders Limited.

52 Jane Austen Road,

New York, New Jersey 5231.

Dear Mr. May,

With reference to the newspaper advertisement in TimesNow posted on 5th of February I wish to work with your construction company as a partner for a contract received by my company for constructing a commercial fifty floor building.  I understand that is a big project and it will become a success if two reputed construction companies work on this project.

We are a reputed builder in the market with a number of prestigious projects under our belt.  We have never been involved in such a huge project, so looking forward to your association. The project will take place on an empty land with an area of 10000 square feet.  It will be a commercial building. The profit will be shared equally.

I am attaching a copy of our company profile and also details about the project.


John Woo,

Managing Director,

Macho Constructions.