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Technical Officer Cover Letter


George Harry

Markesan Enterprises Limited


16th June 2012

Subject: Application for the post of a technical officer at your company.

Respected Sir,

As I was exploring Times Daily newspaper, dated 12th June 2012 and I came across the job opening for the post of a technical officer at your esteemed company. I am writing this letter to show my interest for this post and hence apply for the same. I am an executive level technical officer, holding a five year long experience of supervising and assisting team members in scientific and technological issues of an organisation.

As a technical officer, I am capable of planning and executing the processing of technical and electronic information, supervise the data programming and look after the troubleshoot works if required. In my previous organisation, I was responsible to appoint technical staff, make healthy communications with clients and customers and oversee the duties and on-time responsibilities of the junior technical officers. I am good at completing the tasks satisfactorily using network analysers, technical computer kits and ONET software.

I hope my qualitative abilities and techniques would surely help your company in a long run. I am enclosing my resume along with this letter for your better insight to my background and skills. I will be ready to appear for any kind of meetings in future.



Jacob John.

IT Technical Engineer Cover Letter


Mark Henry

New technology Enterprises Limited

New York

17th June 2012

Subject: Applying for the post of an IT technical engineer.

Respected Mr. Henry,

Through the columns of Times Now, dated 15th June 2012, I got to know about the vacant position for the post of an IT technical engineer at your company. I, Tom Jack would like to apply for that post considering myself as an apt candidate for it.

I have worked as the technical engineer in “Techno world” for 10 years where I have gained an enormous experience to build the technological equipments that are very important for an IT sector. I have a calculative approach to collect technical data, analyse and hence perform experiments to bring out positive results. As an IT technical engineer, I am skilled to define and produce technical drawings, engineering frames and appoint the junior technical team. I have gained knowledge of providing technical support, configure and install IT products such as hardware and software for the company’s projects.

I will appreciate the opportunity given to discuss with you regarding my qualifications and experience at your convenient time. I would like to thank you for your time and consideration. Please find my resume enclosed with this letter.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Jack

IT Technical Supporter Cover Letter


Bob Harrison

Florida Enterprises Limited


18th June 2012

Subject: Application for the post of an IT technical supporter.

Respected Sir,

While going through your website, I came across a job opening for the post of an IT technical supporter at your renowned company. I was excited to see the job vacancy and consider myself as an apt candidate for the mentioned post. I am capable of performing my duties and responsibilities with full dedication and provide technical assistance and training to the customers and other junior staff.

In the IT sector, I am technologically skilled to deliver client support and resolve technical issues through chat supports, electronic medias, emails and phone calls. Also, my past experiences have equipped me with the knowledge of identifying, assisting and correcting any faulty operational works running in the computer systems. As a distinctive IT technical supporter, I can work independently and support all the fellow workers in submitting technical details and report under the marked deadlines.

If given a chance I can prove my skill sets and credentials. I am enclosing my resume along with this letter so that you get detailed information about my qualifications and credentials.

Thanking you in Anticipation.


Roy Charles.

Technical Recruiter Cover Letter


George Peterson

New Dreams Enterprises Limited

New York

2nd July 2012

Subject: Application for the post of a technical recruiter.

Respected Sir,

As I was going through your website to view all the recent updates, I came across a job opening for the post of a technical recruiter. I was very delighted to see this job vacancy and am writing this letter to apply for the post. I am a well qualified technical recruiter and have knowledge to source and screen the deserving candidates in the company.

Apart from recruiting the candidates in the company, I am skilled to communicate with managers in terms of technical requirements. I never deviate from my goal in hiring the candidate with technical skills and background. With a Master’s degree in Computer science and a 7 year long experience in this career, I have good communication skills which make me suitable to judge the potential of the appearing candidate and hence assess his approach towards technical procedures and practical trials.

For your better insight, I am enclosing my resume along with this letter. Kindly consider it to know more about my background and skill set. Thanks a lot for your time and consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Tommy Watson

Technical Analyst Cover Letter


Renaldo Cruise

Jolly Corporations limited


1st July 2012

Subject: Application for the post of a technical analyst.

Respected Mr. Cruise,

This is in reference to your advertisement published in Times Daily newspaper dated 28th June regarding the job opening for the post of a technical analyst. I am interested for this position and wish to apply for the said position. I think I possess all the key skills and credentials that are required to meet your expectations.

I have completed my graduation in Finance from ABC University and post graduation in Business Analysis from XYZ University.

I am skilful to make analysis and evaluate the fluctuations happening in and out of the company. I possess a 5 year long experience in this field and in my previous jobs I was responsible to observe and oversee the patterns of the stock market and submit the analysis report after predicting the performances. In addition, I have a systematic approach to analyse and examine the financial statistics of the company and gather data reports.

If given a chance to work in this position, I promise to live up to your expectations and prove to be a successful technical analyst. Please consider the resume which I have enclosed along with this letter.


Joseph Dew.