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Technical Administrator Cover Letter

When an applicant wishes to apply for the post of a technical administrator, he must send a well drafted technical administrator cover letter along with his CV and resume. This letter states candidate’s interest and skills to apply for the said post.

Sample Technical Administrator Cover Letter


Fred Charles

Technical Head

Sunrise Enterprises Limited



20th May 2014

Subject: Job application letter for technical administrator

Respected Sir,

While I was searching for the career opportunities, I was delighted to see the job postings on your company’s website Through this letter, I would like to apply my candidacy for the post of a technical administrator. I have enclosed a copy of my resume for your kind referral.

With an experience of more than 7 years in the technical industry, I am looking forward to exercise my polished technical skills to bring success to your organization. I have a proven ability to administer and supervise the emerging technologies and hence blend it with the existing tools to assure growth. I am equipped with all the means to handle complex technical problems and help my clients and employees with the easy solutions. As a technical administrator at your esteemed organisation, I would ensure proper functioning of the technical department, would look after technical issues, integrate latest technologies and update the company with the latest equipments.

I assure you that I would prove to be a positive addition to your company and I look forward to meet you personally.

Thanking you for your kind consideration.


Leo Roy

Technical Trainer Cover Letter


Peterson Wrath

Jackson Enterprises Limited

New York

12th June 2012

Subject: Application for the post of a technical trainer.

Respected Sir,

I saw your advertisement in the newspaper, Times Daily, dated 10th June 2012 regarding a job vacancy at your esteemed company. I am writing this letter to apply for the post of a technical trainer so that my skills and potentials gets utilised in the best possible way. I have been working as a technical instructor at Holland Companies for more than 6 years. I have a good approach to deal with the training sessions and organising training camps.

As a technical trainer in my previous organisation, I was responsible to develop and formulate effective technical training module for the company’s junior staff. In addition, as a technical trainer I hold an experience to organise team meetings, manage training hour schedules and look after the training agendas, syllabi and handouts. I promise to stand up to your expectations and bring a change in your company if given a chance to work in this position

Kindly consider the enclosed resume which provides details of my skill set, educational and professional qualifications and past experiences. I will look forward for a positive reply from your end.



Jacob Watson

Technical Engineer Cover Letter


Bob Chares

Patterson Corporation Limited


13th June 2012

Subject: Application for the post of a technical engineer.

Respected Sir,

As per your advertisement on, on 10th June 2012, I wish to apply for the post of a technical engineer in your company. It was my long term desire to work in an esteemed organisation like yours which provides ample of growth opportunities to its employees.

As a capable technical engineer, I have practical and technical knowledge of all the fundamental concepts related to engineering. A position of a technical engineer at your company is very important to me as I don’t want to miss an opportunity to utilise my skills and techniques in the best possible way.

In my previous organisation, working as an engineering technician, I was responsible to assist and guide my fellow engineers and technologists in their project works, research works and development procedures. One of my greatest achievements so far was when I signed my “Dublin Accord” in the year 2005 and became a recognised technical engineer.

Details of my educational qualifications, professional background and achievements are mentioned in the resume that has been enclosed along with this letter. Kindly give me a chance to be a part of your company.

Thanking you in Anticipation!


Jacob Harry.

Technical Support Engineer Cover Letter


Charlie Smith

Glorious Enterprises Limited


14th June 2012

Subject: Application for the post of a technical support engineer.

Respected Sir,

With reference to the advertisement in Times Now on 13th June 2012, I wish to apply for the post of technical support engineer in your organisation. I feel that I am an apt candidate for this position as I possess all the needed qualifications and skill sets to perform the responsibilities of the job post.

I have completed my Master’s degree in physics in the year 2002, after which I completed my Accord certificate in the year 2005. I am equipped to provide technical support to the customers, partners and other engineers that are linked to my sector.

In my previous organisation, I was responsible to deliver support via communicating through phone calls, exchange of emails and other chat supports. I am skilled with knowledge to configure, install and troubleshoot the company’s Server Operating Systems and support in providing necessary feedback at the time of technical meetings.

I always review technical complexities and put my recommendations for its betterment. For your better insight, I am enclosing my resume along with this letter. For any further information, you can please call me at 309393-3933.

Thanking you!


Henry Williams.

Technical Project Manager Cover Letter


Tom Franz

Youth Corporation Limited

New York

15th June 2012

Subject: Application for the post of a technical project manager.

Respected Sir,

While browsing through your website, I came to know about the vacant position of Technical Project Manager in your organisation. I am writing this letter to show my interest for this post and apply for the same. I have always dreamt of working with an esteemed company like yours and put my skills in its best use.

As a technical project manager, I will be responsible to plan, declare and execute the projects in accordance with the budget limits and mentioned deadlines. I will always coordinate the efforts done by my team members and construct a project according to the terms and conditions mentioned in the plan. My past experiences have taught me to look after the quality of project cycle and define the project objectives for the future success. I would never forget to delineate my project’s scopes, goals and deliverables that are necessary for the business outputs.

If given a chance, I promise to live up to your expectations and bring out a favourable change in the success of your projects. Kindly consider the enclosed resume.

Thanking you in Anticipation.


John Walt