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Teacher Cover Letter Format


Your Contact Information

Employer Contact Information

Respected Mr./Mrs./Dr. Last Name,


Write the subject of the cover letter, which should specify for which position you are applying for with this cover letter.

First Paragraph

To begin with, mention why you are writing the letter, and where you saw the advertisement of their job opening/job listing/job position. If you recognized about this opening through a mutual friend or contact, state that precisely, and clearly shape the position you are applying for. Your words of request should be convincing.

Second Paragraph

In this section, you have to decide what you have to offer the employer. Write about your previous professional qualifications, and the skills you gained out of them. Create a connection between your previous skills, and state a reason of why they would be helpful and a good source for the job you have applied for.

Third Paragraph

In conclusion, end your letter with a thank you to the employer to consider you liable for the position. State how will you follow them up, and how the employer can contact you for an interview.

Respectfully/Sincerely Yours,

Handwritten Signature

Typed Signature

Assistant Teacher Cover Letter

Date: 18 February, 2012

Dr. Andrew Murphy


London Business School

Buxton Lane 230

Respected Dr. Murphy,

Please accept this letter as my thorough interest in the application for an Assistant Teacher position that your school placed in the Independent newspaper yesterday.

I am qualified with Bachelors major in Education, followed by a Teaching Assistant Certification Program. Along with my expert skills to teach students from diverse backgrounds and help them with their study environment, I am skilled in:

  • Assistance and control over student’s onset and offset times
  • A helpful role in assisting with the aims and outcomes of studies
  • Sustaining classroom principles in the non-presence of the teacher
  • Expertise in MS Word, Excel and other Office applications
  • Finding the best possible ways to instill motivation, inspiration and development of students
  • Make student’s learning process as interactive and as interesting as possible

I have attached my resume along with the letter. I will get in touch with you next week to confirm my application. You can contact me on the number enclosed. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely Yours,

Davis Thames

Art Teacher Cover Letter

Date: 26 January, 2012


Mr. Taylor Wind

Art Supervisor

Garden Design School

Acre wood Drive 456

Washington, CA

Respected Mr. Wind,

I was made aware about the job listing of an art teacher at your respected school by Mrs. Lavender, who works at your school as a Science teacher. I am writing with concern to the art teacher position, as I am confident with my professional background that would be met with your school’s criteria.

I have a proficiency in teaching arts with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and a Certification Program in teaching. With my professional experience of 3 years, I have a skilled interest in watercolor paints, oil painting and sketching.

My way of education is directed towards teaching art that is a student’s self-imagination. Along with these capabilities, I also make a special interest in:

  • Developing pottery
  • Teaching photography
  • Instilling a self-capability tool in students through different art projects

For further reference, I have attached my resume, and would look forward in meeting you for a personal interview. Thank you for your kindness and consideration.

Sincerely Yours,

Peter Matthew

Elementary Teacher Cover Letter


Mrs. Anne Nicholas


Matthews Hall Independent School

167 Lincoln Avenue

Washington, CA

Date: 15 March, 2012

Subject: Application for the position of elementary teacher

Respected Mrs. Nicholas,

I am thoroughly interested in the application of the job listed on for the requirement of an elementary school teacher at Matthews Hall Independent School. I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.

I would consider myself reliable for this post as I have the professional qualification for more than three years into elementary teaching. I hold the professional knowledge in both traditional and progressive school prospects.

I am confident that if I join you teaching staff, you will definitely come across my following aspirations:

  • A passionate teacher who is obsessive about her teaching line of work
  • An organized, focused and a devoted professional who has the ability of working with different prospectus
  • Other than teaching, I use my skills of leading, helping and cultivating capabilities in students for them to move forward and reach their goals.

I will be looking forward for an interview call from you. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely Yours,

Charles Mayor

Teacher Cover Letter


Dr. Smith Paul

Bedford School

Director of Human Resources

30 Stevens Avenue

Washington, CA

Date: 06 July, 2012

Respected Dr. Paul,

I am writing this letter to articulate my attention towards the fourth grade Mathematics teacher position that is presently open at Bedford School. I learned about the opening position through an awareness created by the school’s online database.

With my satisfaction in sharing my current and previous knowledge about this position, I believe I can be a prospect for your school because it has always been a pleasure to work with passionate students of various age groups. I am certain that my academic qualifications and previous teaching skills would be thoroughly useful in this teaching position.

Here are some of my skills that can be made use of:

  • Organization of Mathematics coursework and in-charge of class tests and final examinations
  • Developing interactive Math sessions in class with group activities and motivating decisions
  • Fully skilled in using Mathematical tools online such as Microsoft Excel

I have attached my resume which contains other applicable information. I will look forward to your call for a personal interview.

Sincerely Yours,

Mary Johnson