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Graduate Student Cover Letter


Smith Charles

Oxford Training Institute

New York

20th June 2012

Subject: Application for training programs related to aerothermodynamics and impulsion analysis.

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter with a deep interest in joining a Young Graduate Training session at your institute in the field of aerothermodynamics and impulsion analysis. I am currently pursuing my last year of graduation from the University of Charles, New York in the MSc. Degree of space engineering.

During my autumn breaks in first semester, I have completed 2 months training for space fluid dynamics. I am interested to be a part of this training session because I want to broaden my knowledge and realise my potentials in this field. I am eager to develop my knowledge in problem solving skills and be ahead in gaining expertise in aerothermodynamics. I think that having an opportunity to be trained by the faculty like yours would help me significantly in my space projects, thermodynamic interactions and dynamic knowledge. I consider myself well suited for this training in aerothermodynamics and impulsion analysis as I have the needed qualifications.

Kindly consider the enclosed resume which underlines my educational qualifications, achievements and skills. I look forward to hear from you. For further information please contact me on 83783-33738.

Thanking you in Anticipation.


Troy Watson.

Medical Student Cover Letter


Troy Gobbler

Troy Medical Institute


23rd June 2012

Subject: Application for joining training sessions related to medical field.

Respected Sir,

During my online research I came to know about the opening of the Medical training position at your institute. I am very excited to work as a trainee under your guidance and learn the much needed medical procedures and policies.

I am currently a student of University of Medical Sciences, Buckingham. I am pursuing the master’s degree in Medical with strong hold on subjects like Biology, Botany and Mathematics. I want to be an active member of this medical training session so that I am professionally skilled to have practical experience during the field work. I want to be a strong candidate and a trainee and utilise this time to gain as much knowledge as possible from my trainers and learn newer ways of comforting the patients. Also, during my training session I want to apply my knowledge and skills to carry out given assignments and project works.

I think I possess all the skills and credentials that are necessary for the candidacy of this medical training session. Kindly consider an enclosed resume which underlines my educational qualifications, awards and achievements and expertise. I look forward for an early reply from you.



Mathew Henry

University Student Cover Letter


Mr. William Henry

Hallmark Oxford University

New York

24th June 2012

Subject: Application for joining internship programs organised by your university.

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to apply for the biochemistry research internship program that was listed on your website. I am a biochemistry student at the University of Wonders, New York. I am in my second year of master’s degree.

During my graduation, I have developed a great knowledge of laboratory works in zoology, biology and chemistry. I have in depth knowledge of both indoor and outdoor field work. I can easily observe specimens under the microscope and currently working on a project to design a new millimetre microscope for biochemistry labs. The internship session is of great importance to me because I would get an opportunity to enhance my skills and potential at the research work as well.

I will call you within a week to discuss if my qualifications and credentials match up to your requirements. Enclosed with this letter is a copy of my resume which details my educational background, experience in the biochemistry lab works and awards. I look forward for a favourable response from you. If any other document is needed from my side, then please let me know.



Urey Martin

Physician Assistant Student Cover Letter


Martin Henry

Paul Physician Institute of management


25th June 2012

Subject: Application for joining training camps organised for physician assistants.

Respected Sir,

During my online research hours, I came across your website and was excited by your training camps organised for training assistants. I am interested to apply for this training. Currently, I am a student of the University of Physicians and pharmacologists with a total CGP of 9.6.

During the first year of my graduation at the University, I have been awarded as an all rounder award in the Physician laboratory. I have never stood behind in securing meritorious positions in my assignment works and project submissions. I am very interested to be a part of this training session so that I could apply my knowledgeable skills in my practical taks. In addition, during the training programs I would like to enhance my information and knowledge by getting trained under the best of your physicians. I do not have any problems in joining the training sessions for the night batches.

Enclosed with this letter is a copy of my resume. Kindly have a look at it to have a best insight about my qualifications, educations and background. The physician training camp is of great interest to me.

Thanks a lot for your time and consideration.


Hannah Williams

Pharmacy Student Cover Letter


George Peterson

Dreams Health and Pharmacy Institute


26th June 2012

Subject: Applying for the internship programs offered by you for pharmacy students.

Respected Sir,

It was a long cherished dream to be a part of your organisation and work as a pharmacy intern. It is with great interest and excitement that I am writing this letter to apply for this position. I am a final year student pursuing my Bachelors degree in Pharmacy from Pharmacy and Psychology University, Nottingham. I always wanted to do internship at a reputed organisation as yours.

Working as a pharmacy intern at your organisation would be a lifetime experience for me. I would provide diverse medical care, clinical services and pharmacy medication programs during my enrolment. The internship program started by you is a best way for pharmacy students like us to be indulged actively in some productive work during the summer vacations. My graduation knowledge has skilled me with community pharmacy and fundamental skills of OTC counselling and dispensing. In recent months, I have improved my abilities to communicate and define decisions necessary for preparing pharmacological reports.

Kindly consider the enclosed resume for a better insight to my educational background and skills sets. I look forward for an opportunity to discuss it further at an interview with you.



Jacob Franz.