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Scholarship Cover Letters

Cover letters are the best way possible to convince the employer of your credibility. Scholarship cover letters are those wherein you give proof and details of you being the perfect candidate for the particular scholarship program. It depends on this cover letter whether or not you will get the scholarship. So it is really important to write a scholarship cover letter carefully as it could have a direct influence on your future.

The following is a method to write a scholarship cover letter:

  • On the top of the letter, mention your contact details for any further correspondence.
  • The first Para should consist of your general introduction and an overview of your credentials which make you a suitable candidate for the scholarship.
  • The second Para should mainly consist of all you academic details and past working experience details. This paragraph forms the main body of the letter and plays a vital role in forming an impression on the reader so fill it up with confidence.
  • The last paragraph is written to put across your thoughts on how you can be a worthy choice for this scholarship. Mention your goals and also reasons by which this scholarship will help you achieve them.

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Minority Scholarship Cover Letter


Mr. Earnestine Rower,


Illinois Institute of Technology


Dear Mr. Rower,

I am the student of first year graduate program in material engineering and belong to the minority class. I wish to avail the scholarship which is given by the college to support the students from minority class in achieving their dream of higher education. I am a meritorious student with an excellent academic background. I have enclosed all my certificates for your perusal.

I have also attached the minority certificate along with all other documents required to get this scholarship. I am sure that by the support of this scholarship I will be able to achieve my goal in career. I ensure you that I will always keep up the reputation of this college by putting in my best efforts to do something for my country and fellowmen.

Thank you for your attention. I am excited about this great opportunity for minority students.

Yours Sincerely,

Judson Smith

PhD Scholarship Cover Letter


Mr. Grew Mathews,

The Registrar,

University of Michigan,


Dear Mr. Mathews,

I am a registered research scholar for biotechnology and currently pursuing my PhD from your reputed institute. I am applying herewith for a scholarship to pursue my post doctoral studies in biotechnology. I have been a meritorious student with my cumulative points more than nine all through my academic occupation. All the copies of my certificates and other academic credentials are enclosed here for your kind consideration. My ambition is to become a scientist in the field of cell and molecular genetics and I want to develop a drug for a very common disease called “Lafora”.

My family background is not financially strong enough to support my higher studies. Thus I am looking to avail this opportunity of getting the scholarship to pursue my dream. I assure you that I will try to fit into the expectation criteria of the institute in the best possible manner.

Thanking you

Yours Sincerely,

Ms. Danielle

Undergraduate Scholarship Cover Letter


Ms.Karlyn James
Boston College of Engineering and Sciences

Dear Ms. James,

I am the undergraduate student pursuing my first year of B.Tech in Aeronautical engineering from your esteemed institute. I wish to pursue my dream of becoming a scientist in Aerospace science but my financial background is unable to support my studies for a longtime. Thus I wish to apply for the scholarship provided by the college to the meritorious students. I am a commendable student of merit with a good academic background. I have scored more than 90% all through my academic career. I hereby attached all my certificates other academic testimonials for your consideration.

The financial status of my family is weak and I am enclosing herewith his annual income certificate. I want to strive for excellence in this field, if a little support can be extended my way I will try to live up to your expectations.

Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely,

Edelmira Warne

Medical School Scholarship Cover Letter


Mr.Mavis Mathews

Registrar Detroit Medical Science college



Dear Mr. Mathews,

I am the registered medical scholar of second year medical diploma course from Detroit Medical and Science College. I am applying herewith the scholarship granted by the college to pursue my higher studies in Medical Sciences. I have been a merit student all through my academics with above 90% (CGPA-9) and am enclosing herewith the copies of all my pass certificates for your perusal. I have the firm belief that this renounced institute will definitely support me in my studies.

I am in need of this scholarship support as my father’s annual income is low and within the scholarship-eligibility measure and I am enclosing herewith his yearly income certificate. I will do my best to keep up to your expectation and will prove that I can do it and bring laurels to our institution.

Looking forward to hearing you soon.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,

Maybelle Marnis