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Request for Quotation Cover Letter

Mr. Varun Abhiram,

Vice President, Thompson Industries,

Doctor’s Colony,


Subject: RFQ for petroleum

Respected Mr. Abhiram,

We understand that your firm is into petroleum refining and distribution. Our firm named Thompson Industries is currently undertaking petroleum extraction. We would like to align our business interests with your firm and form a supply chain so that we can cater to our end customers’ needs. I am attaching a detailed document on our processes and operations. Along with that there is an instruction sheet that will give you an idea of how we go about supplying petroleum, the prices and the payment options.

Please acknowledge the receipt of the mail. If you are interested in our offer, you can reply to us by 30-Jun-2010. After you reply to us positively, we will assign you a reference number so that you can use this reference for all future correspondence.

We look forward to a fruitful business relationship.


Ms. Jane Iredale

Elves Park,



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Cost Quotation Cover Letter

Ms. Aarti Srinivasan,

Vice President, Thompson Industries,

Doctor’s Colony,


Respected Ms. Aarti,

Further to our discussion on acquiring suppliers who can sell us cloth materials at the lowest cost, attached are some of the quotations received from our suppliers. The supplier list includes both current suppliers and prospective suppliers. We have conducted studies on lowest cost suppliers and have shortlisted on them. The quality of materials to be supplied is also mentioned alongside each quotation by a supplier.

Given the rapid increase in inflation, we request you to respond at the earliest and allow us to proceed with your chosen supplier. Most of these suppliers have confirmed that the prices of these clothing materials will go up in the near future. So we would like to buy materials from them as early as possible to make sure we remain competitive in our market.

As per our conversation with the suppliers, we can negotiate with them on payment options.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Ms. Sara Jane

Elves Park,


Revised Quotations Cover Letter

Mr. Jaspreet Singh,

Vice President, Thompson Industries,

Doctor’s Colony,


Respected Mr. Jaspreet,

As per the negotiations on the price at various levels of both the firms, attached are the revised quotations of our products. We hope that these prices would be acceptable to you. We hope to initiate the shipment of these products as early as possible so that these revised costs can be applicable to you.

If you want to further discuss about any issue or have any queries, you can call us at 092-987677 or email us at the address: We can prepare the invoice for supplying the products that you need. Please acknowledge this mail and mention the dates of shipment. We have various payment options like cash, credit card, debit card or online banking.

Hope this mail would be acceptable to you and you will help us build a mutually beneficial relationship.


Ms. Ritica Pandey

Elves Park,

New York.

Price Quotation Cover Letter

Mr. Martin Jacques,

Vice President, Thompson Industries,

Doctor’s Colony,

South Carolina.

Respected Mr. Jacques,

This is a subsequent letter regarding the price quotation of products that we had a one-to-one discussion upon in our previous meeting. I am attaching a document that lists the price quotations of each of those products for the quantity mentioned. If the quotation matches your expectation, then we would happy to take the negotiations forward regarding shipping mode and payment options.

If you would like to discuss further on the prices, then you can get in touch by writing to You can also directly contact us through phone by calling to 040-87650. We have facilitated the payment by the client through monthly installments. The prices mentioned will be applicable till our management decides on further increase or reduction as per the market rates. So to ensure that you get the least price, please respond as soon as you can.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Mr. Anna Kendrick

Elves Park,

Rhode Island.

Quotation Cover Letter Template

(To name and address)

Recipient’s Name:

Recipient’s Title:

Company’s name:

Company’s Address:


Respected Ms. (Recipient’s name with the right title Ms/Mr/Mrs),

This is to bring to your notice that our firm (Name of the firm) believes that we can create a business relationship by sourcing through the least cost suppliers. We produce (give the product name) in bulk and this gives us economies of scale. We cater to a wide variety of customer requirements and work with multiple clients to deliver (give the product names) as per the customer requirements.

We have found out that in the near future you are in need of huge number of such (mention the products) for (mention the end purpose of the products). We could ship these products to you after negotiations at a certain price and by a certain date. I have attached the quotations of these products. Please have a look at them and let us know if we could be useful partners for you. You can get in touch with us at (give the telephone number) or email us at (mention the email id).