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Web Questionnaire Cover Letter


Ms. Lisabetta

Square Road

Hampston Town

New York.

Dear Ma’am

We are trying to collect online data with regard to online usage of internet which will be useful for us to improve our services. The web questionnaire aims to create a database of all the information collected online which can be made available to public on our website subsequent to collation of all the data provided by the questionnaire respondents.

You need to click on the below mentioned link in order to register your participation in the mentioned questionnaire.

It will hardly take about 10-15 minutes to fill out the web questionnaire. We highly appreciate your participation in the survey. You are required to complete the survey within a period of 3 days from receipt. Alternatively you can also email the completed survey to after the specified period of three days.

We thank you for all your time and effort in filling up the web questionnaire sent by us.


XYZ Web Hosting Services.

Vendor Questionnaire Cover Letter


Levi Sales Corporation,

Vendor registration number – LS-1GS,


Sub: – Submission of vendor questionnaire

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please find enclosed a vendor questionnaire that we are collecting in order to get to know the basic vendor requirements. We are in the process of conducting vendor evaluation and your participation in the vendor questionnaire is imperative for us to make the right decision. The main aim of the vendor questionnaire is to identify the areas that are good and the ones that need improvement.

You can be rest assured that your purchase orders will not be affected in any way due to your participation in the survey. The survey is essentially to get subjective details of all the vendors and will not affect your vendor relationship with us in any way.

Please refer to the attached quality standards for participation in the vendor questionnaire.

We thank you for your time and looking forward to a rewarding relationship with you.


Signature of head of supplies.

Maddy Sales Information Company.

User Questionnaire Cover Letter


Maria Leah,


Dear Ms. Maria,

We are pleased to bring to you a questionnaire on rating our services as a user. We understand that you have been a long time user of our services. We are sending a user questionnaire to all our registered users to find out their opinion about the services offered by us. We are doing to in order to improve our services and offer the best to all our users.

In the user questionnaire attached we are seeking information from the registered users on the various services offered by us and any negative areas that we need to take a close look at. Your participation in the survey is absolutely voluntary. There is no need for you to worry about the opinion rendered by you in this questionnaire as all information is kept secretive. Though we would highly appreciate your response to the questionnaire sent by us.


Area head,

American User Association,


Travel Questionnaire Cover Letter


Maddie Liz,


Dear Sir/Madam,

We are an organization Associated Travel Agency involved in studying the travel trends in the recent times. We would highly appreciate your inputs in helping us to complete this study on travel pattern. Attached is the travel questionnaire that you have to fill up and send back to us within the stipulated time.

We are collecting information about the vehicle ownership pattern of citizens of your State and their travel pattern.

In case you have any queries regarding the questionnaire please feel free to contact us on our toll free number 00-91-876445567 or email us at

We assure you that all the personal information furnished by you will be treated as confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone else.

Last date for submission of questionnaire is 25th July2011.

We thank you for your positive response in completing the attached questionnaire.



Head of the organization.

Associated Travel Agency,


Training Questionnaire Cover Letter




Training enrolment number-T15

Dear Mr. Andrews,

We are pleased to bring to you a questionnaire on the training program that you have recently attended at our Institute. The main aim of the training questionnaire is to get to know the effectiveness of the program you have undertaken with us. You are requested to offer your opinion about the program along with the value addition the said training program has offered to you. You need to rate the program in terms of the parameters specified in the attached questionnaire. You can feel free to express your opinion about the capabilities of the instructor Mr.Addisyn under whom you have undergone the induction training program.

We are obtaining this questionnaire to improve the aforesaid training program and will keep all opinions expressed by you strictly confidential.

Training questionnaire to be submitted on or before 5th of this month.


Head of training program

Schew Shipping Company.