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Company Fax Cover Letter


Harry Christ


Stock Market Regulatory Authority

34, Business Lane, Southern London


25th August 2012

Sub –Company fax cover letter.

Dear Mr. Harry

I am writing this company fax cover letter to inform you about the financial performance of our auto company in the 2nd Quarter of financial year 2012. I am enclosing   segment wise sales and revenue figures of our company during the period of 1st April 2012 to 30th June 2012.I would like to inform you that our company sales has grown by over thirty percent  when compared with the sales in the previous quarter. Our turnover for the quarter stood at $5000000 which reflects a growth of twenty per cent on quarter to quarter basis. Our net profit after considering all the provisions of taxes for the quarter stood at $ 45000 which shows an impressive growth of over thirty per cent when compared with the financial results of the 1st quarter of 2012.

I confirm that the above stated financial report is true to the best of my knowledge. Please let me know if you wish to get any other information from my side.

Thanking you

Martin Gustily

Director (Finance)

ASM Auto Works Private Limited

Universal Fax Cover Letter


Richard Lee

Manager (Customer Relationship Department)

DVM Stationery Vendors Private Limited

45, Russel Town, Western London


25th August 2012

Sub – Universal fax cover letter.

Dear Mr. Richard

I am writing this fax cover letter to place the order for different stationery products required for our daily official use. I am enclosing a list which contains the name of the products and the quantity of each item we intend to buy. You should go through the items mentioned in the order list and cross checks it with your inventory list. Please inform us immediately in case you are running out of stock of any particular product so that we can place the order with our other vendors. I have already paid $10000 to your company’s bank account as advance payment for the order.

I will eagerly wait for the order confirmation letter from your side. Please inform me the dates when the entire consignment would be delivered. Final payment would be dispatched from us once we receive the items with the invoice. I would request you to kindly send the products within fifteen days from the date of receipt of this letter as we are running out of stock currently.

Thanking you

Nathan Wills

Manager (Purchase Department)

RBX Banking Corporation

Receptionist Fax Cover Letter


Martin Jones

General Manager

National Steel Corporation

45, Austin Towers, Northern London


30th August 2012

Sub – Receptionist fax cover letter

Dear Mr. Martin

I am writing you this fax cover letter to inform you about the total production of our plant on 29th August 2012.As per the norms of our company the production department has to report the total production of the previous day to your office. Please find enclosed   the details regarding the production done by the different departments   on 29th August 2012.You would be glad to know that our plant has utilized it capacity to 105 per cent last day. The total hot metal production was 11240 tons while the total saleable steel production was 15000 tons on 29th August 2012.Every minute details regarding the production targets met by different departments of our company is included in the enclosed report.

Please feel free to contact me in case you require any further information on any matter from my side. I will look forward for confirmation letter from your side in order to get assured that you have received the fax successfully. Thank you for reading the fax cover letter.

Thanking you

Celina Gomes

Receptionist (Production Department)

National Steel Corporation

Fax Employment Cover Letter


Jimmy Anderson

34, Green Town Estates, Central London


25th August 2012

Sub – Fax employment cover letter.

Dear Mr. Jimmy

I am feeling very happy to inform you have been selected for the post of Finance Manager in our company. You were selected for post because of your excellent performance in the interview held on 15th August 2012 for the post. I am enclosing an employment confirmation with this fax cover letter which contains all the terms and condition of your work with our organization. You are requested to join our office from 1st September 2012.You should come to our office on 30th August 2012 to collect your identity card and complete the official  documentation work.

Hope that you will enjoy working in our ever growing company and wish that you have a long term stay in our company. I strongly believe that you will work hard to take our organization to new success height. I will eagerly wait for a confirmation letter from your side to assure that you have accepted the position. Please feel free to contact me in case you require any further information from my side. .

Thanking you

Mark Boucher

Director (Recruitment Cell)

PKL Software Corporation

Information Fax Cover Letter


Robert Christ

5, Bolbon Road, Central London


30th August 2012

Sub – Information fax cover letter.

Dear Mr. Robert

I am writing this information fax cover letter with reference to your complain number 456 regarding the billing details of your postpaid mobile number7123455669.I am feeling excited to inform you that my department has processed your request and we are sending you the billing details of the calls made from your mobile number for the month of July 2012.Please find the enclosed call details and break up with the fax cover letter. You have made total 450 minutes of outgoing calls from your mobile in the month of July 2012.

You can contact on our 24×7 customer care contact number in case you require any clarification on the matter. You are requested to pay the bill latest by 15th September at any of our bill collection centers across the country. In case you pay the bill after 15th September then a late fine of $2 would be charged on daily basis. Your mobile phone connection would be discontinued in case you are unable to pay the bill by 30th September.

Thanking you

Peter Saddle

Manager (Billing Department)

FMC Telecom Private Limited