Call Centre Cover Letter Format


Name of the recipient:

Designation of the recipient:

Name of the company:

Company’s Address:


Subject: (briefly state your purpose for writing the application)

Dear (name of the recipient),

First Paragraph: In the first paragraph state the reason for writing the letter. Also state the position that you are applying for in the call centre. In case if you have come across the vacancy in an advertisement, do mention that as well.

Second paragraph: In this paragraph the sender needs to give information about himself. He needs to mention about his previous work experience and designation. It is very necessary to mention how good his communication skills and customer handling skills are as these are very important aspects in a call centre job. Also do mention the total number of years worked in a call centre.

Third paragraph: In this paragraph express your gratitude and express your desire to join the company.


Name of the sender

Enclosure: (documents enclosed)