Call Center Cover Letters

Call-centre cover letters are letters defining and representing all call centre jobs. Call-centre or information outsourcing industry is a booming sector at present given its immense appeal and demand in the international market. Multitudes of people are striving to make a foothold in this region and therefore, cover letters assume a very important place in this context. The candidate is completely accountable for the letter he writes to the recruiter which makes it all the more necessary to know the intricacies of a formal cover letter.

A call-centre cover letter must specify the purpose and subject of the letter in the initial space. It must be written with an added flavour that would make it qualify as a personal resume. All the crucial information regarding the candidate’s past experiences must be outlined. It must be mentioned if the candidate has the special software specialization skills of a call centre agent. An ability to resolve customer problems effectively would be duly appreciated if given in the letter.

Hence a call-centre cover letter is characterised by the following points:

  • It is brief and concise.
  • It reveals the candidate’s telemarketing, typing, software application and interfacing skills.
  • It provides an overview of the candidate’s tasks and operations.