Standard Business Cover Letter

Mr. John Woo

Managing Director

John Woo Garments Manufacturers Limited

123 James Wood Road,

New York, New Jersey 1234.

Dated: 10th February 2011

Dear Mr. Woo,

I am aware about the reputation of your organization and your strong position in the market. It would be a great honor to collaborate with your organization in order to do business together.

We, Good Deal Manufacturer specialize in manufacturing cotton fabrics. Our company was established in the year 2008. Since then there is a steady growth in our company. In the last 2 years we had an annual turnover of $100 million and we would like to expand our company even further.

We are looking forward to an investment of $10 million to collaborate in this business. I believe that we both together can rule the market by providing the best quality products at reasonable price. I am herewith enclosing a prospectus of my company for further details.

Thanking you,

Jack Ripper,


Good Deal Manufacturer