Business Valuations Cover Letter


A. G McGuire

Business Development Manager

Kooks Food Group

40, Hill Station Road

Short Street, Los Angeles 30038-2500

Dated: 7th of September, 2012

Subject: Letter stating valuation of the proposed business

Respected Mr. McGuire,

This letter is in regards to the new business that your organization is planning to set up in order to manufacture food products. This is to bring to your notice that our officer has done valuation of the business and we are sending you the detailed report.

We have made valuation of the land in which you plan to set up the factory and also the cost of constructing the factory. We have also checked the capital you need to bring in, in order to start an office with proper structure and hire employees. There are few legal formalities that you to undergo for the business. We have calculated that too. The total valuation cost of the business is coming to around one million dollar.

I am enclosing the business valuation summary, revenue litigation and also the financial breakdown summary along with the letter. In case you have any doubt you can get in touch with us.


Tiger Smith

Chief Valuation Officer

Business Valuation Corporation Limited

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