Business Marketing Cover Letter

Dt: 24th July 2012

Mr. Mack Grady

Human Resource Manager


Denver, CO

Respected Mr. Grady,

I am writing to express my interest for the business marketing associate position that is vacant in your prestigious organization. With a graduation degree in Business Administration and a rich knowledge of marketing trends and branding, I believe that I can make a positive contribution towards the continued success of your organization.

Sir, I have two plus years of experience working as a business marketer and in that mean time, I have learned various quantitative skills in order to track and improve ROI, P&L and various budgets. Over my past job tenure, I have:

  • Created and maintained annual marketing calendars.
  • Maintained various client prospects.
  • Kept directory listings and publication ad placements on schedule.
  • Analyzed various marketing efforts.
  • Planned and managed various marketing campaigns.

Sir, with the help of my strong interpersonal skills and organizational skills, I think that I can be a good match for the above job position. I look forward to further discussing my qualifications, which are presented in my enclosed resume.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


John Goodenough

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