Business Loan Cover Letter

Mr. Jack Field

Branch Manager,

Imperial Financial Bank.

123 James Wood Road,

New York, New Jersey 1234

Dear Mr. Field,

I would like to inform you that I, John Woo hold a savings account in your bank with account number 234567 since last five years. I am planning to start a business of my own and would like to apply for a loan from your bank.

I have decided to start a business in garments, as there is always a good demand in the garments market. I would require a loan amount of $2 million to set up my business which includes the office space, infrastructure and capital.

I believe that I being an old customer of your bank you would consider my request for loan approval. I would be highly grateful if your agree to pay me the loan amount. I have also enclosed the details of my proposed business project.

Thanking you,

John Woo.


Garment Business Project Proposal