Business Cover Letter Template

Name of the recipient: _______________

Designation of the recipient: _____________

Name of the organization: ______________

Street address: _______________

City, state and Zip code: _____________

Date: _________ (date on which the letter is written)

Subject: _____________ (reason for writing the letter)

Dear ________________ (name of the recipient),

I am aware about the reputation of your organization and your strong position in the market. It would be a great honor to collaborate with your organization in order to do business together.

We, _____________ (name of the business organization) specialize in _________________________ (name of the product or service manufactured or provided by the company). Our company has also gained reputation since it started in ___________ (year of establishment).

We are looking forward to an investment of _____________ (amount to be invested) to collaborate in this business. The profits will be shared on a ________________ (percentage of sharing profit) basis. I am also enclosing a business proposal.

Thanking you,

_____________ (name of the sender).