Business Cover Letter Format


Name of the recipient:

Designation of the recipient:

Name of the company:

Company’s Address:


Subject: (briefly state your purpose for writing the cover letter)

Dear/ Respected (name of the recipient with proper Salutation),

First paragraph: In this first paragraph you need mention the exact reasons for writing the business letter. This paragraph will also mention the details from where you come to know about availability of the business opportunities.

Second paragraph: In this paragraph you need to give details about you or your company like achievements and experience. This gives you an opportunity to present yourself or your company as an ideal option to do business with the recipient.

Third paragraph: in this paragraph you need to conclude by expressing that how honorable it will be for you to do business with the recipient and also show your gratitude.

Thanking you,

Name of the sender

Designation of the sender

Address of the sender or the sender company

Enclosure: (documents enclosed)