Business Case Cover Letter


Ben Wilson

Technical Department Head

Apple Technologies Limited

89 Times Circle Avenue

New York, New Jersey 3478

Dated: 1st of November 2012

Subject: Letter for software up gradation business case

Respected Miss. Watts,

I am writing this letter in order to propose a business case that I believe can help our organization. This business case is in regards to the software developed by our organization for the use of our customers.

We have developed a software called Home Office which enables to do documentation work. We have been selling the same version of software since last five years.  As a result this may reduce the popularity of our software among consumers keeping in mind the various advanced software available in the market. So I would like to propose an up gradation of the existing software.

This will not only result in increase of our product but also customer satisfaction.  We can form a team of ten and execute the upgrading process. This won’t affect the cost of production and at the same won’t take much time.

I request you to give a green signal to this business case. I am enclosing the details of this process along with this letter.


Lily Bean

Senior Software Engineer

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