Sample Banking Cover Letter

June 214, 2000

Mr. David Beckham
Human Resource Director
Department of Human Resource
Commercial Bank of New York
71 Submarine Street
New York, NY 12030

Dear Mr. Beckham

After so many months of working in different professional fields, I am looking to take advantage of my work experience as Customer Care Officer in your bank at branch level. I was excited when I came to know that your branch is looking for a customer care officer. So please consider me as a candidate for this position in this branch of your bank.

I have added my curriculum vitae with the letter for your convenience so that you can review it. I am looking forward to be welcomed as a candidate and also to participate in a PI session to give answer to any of your queries and further present my qualities and qualifications in a better manner. I thank you for your consideration and precious time. I look forward to have a word with you soon.

Brian Adams