Mortgage Banking Cover Letter


Neil Diamond

Mortgage Department Head

Alliance Financial Services

67 Young Days Road

Texas City, Las Vegas 8907

Dated: 3rd of May 2012

Subject: Interested in availing mortgage services

Respected Mr. Diamond,

This letter is to bring to your notice that I am keen on availing mortgage service from your bank and would like to apply in that regards.

I am planning to buy a house located in 45 Days and Night Lane, Texas City, Las Vegas 8945. The house is two storied occupying a total area of three thousand square feet. The price quoted by the seller is $20000. I do not have that much amount and so need to avail a mortgage loan. I would like to apply for a loan of an amount of $15,000 from your bank.

I can assure you that I have a good and clean credit history. My current credit ratings are also satisfactory. I have never been a defaulter. I would request you consider my application and process a mortgage loan as soon as possible.

I am enclosing my employment details along with last two months salary slip along with the letter. Please let me know if I need to provide any other document or information.


Henry Cooper

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