Banking Cover Letter Format


Recipient’s Name:

Recipient’s Title:

Company Name:

Company Address:

Dear (Recipient’s Name),

First Paragraph: The first paragraph is the most important part of a cover letter.  It should instill interest in your prospective employer to go through the cover letter and the attached resume.  You can include where you got the information regarding the opening and your eligibility for the post mentioned.

Second Paragraph:  In this paragraph you can give a concise, to the point, report of your qualification, past work experience, your skills in the relevant field and your achievements in the said area of work.  No need to elaborate anything about the resume, because you are attaching a detailed resume.

Third Paragraph: The concluding paragraph should exude your confidence, at the same time the tone of the letter should be humble. Do not forget to express your hope and gratitude.

Yours Truly,


Enclosures: (All the documents that are to be attached)