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How to write a Questionnaire Cover Letter

A questionnaire cover letter is written in the beginning of a survey in order to explain to the respondent of the questionnaire what the survey is all about. If the respondent is given only the questions, he may not understand what it is all about and what’s the purpose of asking the questions. By adding a cover letter before the questionnaire begins, the researcher displays common courtesy to the people who have volunteered to answer those questions and also guides them by mentioning certain instructions which the respondents need to keep in mind before answering the questionnaire. Make sure that you do not give all the information about the survey because you want objective answers from the respondents without them being influenced by any external factors. These points will help you answer these questions:

  • Give an introduction of yourself or your organisation at the beginning of the cover letter. By doing that you can explain the project briefly and the respondents know what subject they are answering about
  • Some questionnaires have a fixed objective where they want the people’s responses regarding a particular thing. But there can be some questionnaires which care created in order to do research and in such cases, one need not give a lot of information so that the answers remain spontaneous and no one tries to fit them according to the subject
  • The questionnaire cover letter must contain instructions which must be followed by the respondents in order to correctly answer the questions.
  • Also keep space in the letter where respondents can fill up their details before the actual questionnaire starts. Be respectful of their privacy and mention that their information will not be disclosed to anyone.
  • Sign off by thanking the people for taking out time to fill up your questionnaire.

How to write a Proposal Cover Letter

A proposal cover letter plays an important role in getting a proposal accepted or rejected as it is the first thing read by the concerned authorities. A proposal cover letter is like an introduction to the actually proposal which gives the reader an idea of what to expect from the proposal, what it is all about, the objectives and goals and how it shall be beneficial to the organisation or the company. Although the proposal will have all the extended details of the project, the proposal cover letter helps the reader to go through the basic information of the proposal within a short time. It must be formatted in a brief yet informative manner so that the reader gets to know about the proposal but also feels the need to read the whole proposal which follows. These tips can be considered before writing a proposal cover letter:

  • Address the receiver’s name properly and give his correct name, designation and address. Use the formal way of greeting him as this is an official letter.
  • State the subject clearly so that the reader knows what this letter is all about; you can give the name of the proposal or write a statement which gives the basic idea of the proposal
  • The body of the letter must constitute information about what you plan to achieve from the proposal and how will it help the organisation. A business proposal cover letter must highlight how the proposal will help to bring in profits for the company
  • Mention the time period or deadline by which you plan to complete the job and also give a description of the methodologies to be used for the project, as briefly as possible
  • Also mention the funds required for the project, especially of it is a proposal asking for funds.


Resume Cover Letter

How to write a Nurse Cover Letter

A nurse cover letter is written by a person interested in getting a job in the nursing sector. Like in any other job, a nurse can create a better impression if she submits a cover letter along with her resume by highlighting the skills required to be good nurse. A good cover letter thus sets the candidate apart from the rest and the employer remembers him or her. It gives a chance to the candidate to not only mention his skills but also to show how he will be able to help in the functioning of the hospital. While writing a nurse cover letter, the following points may be kept in mind:

  • Before you apply for a job, do proper research about the hospital or healthcare facility so that when you write the cover letter you not only know about the place you want to work but can also show a sense of familiarity about the workplace, the job duties and requirements, which makes the employer think that you are ready for the job
  • Mention the reasons why you are interested in working as a nurse in that hospital and describe briefly why you find this particular facility an attractive option.
  • A nurse cover letter gives you a chance to show how you can contribute towards the organisation and what are your skills and qualifications. Here you can also describe your previous experience if you have any and also what area of work you are interested in, like, working with children or the elderly and so on
  • Last but not the least, make sure you write the your and the hospital’s names correctly so that there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes. Also add the date and the place of writing this cover letter. Respectfully sign off and thank the receiver for his time.


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Technical Cover Letters

While applying for a technical job, one has to draft a cover letter that represents a candidate’s career profile in a summative approach and should serve as an introduction to the particular resume. These technical cover letters have to be drafted concisely yet with perfection so that the employer finds interest in looking at the details of the resume, attached with it. Moreover, prior presenting it one must ensure that few points are rightly maintained within the document. They are as follows:

  • Avoid addressing the hiring manager by their job position in the particular company at which the candidate is applying. Instead begin by stating their name accompanied with a word of salutation like “Dear”.
  • Within the cover letter the candidate must ensure to specify the name of the job position for which he is applying. Moreover, one should also highlight his own traits which would support the applied job position.
  • Most importantly, the cover letter should reflect the interest of the candidate in acquiring the particular job position. For this one has to support his or her objective with valid justification.
  • The candidate must also ensure not to commit any inadvertent error as that might deter employer’s impression at first instance.


How to write a Marketing Cover Letter

A marketing cover letter is written by someone who wants to apply for a marketing job that improves his chances of creating an impression on the employer. A marketing professional is responsible for making strategies that will help him sell a company’s products or services. In a similar manner, he should be able to ‘sell’ himself to the employer by highlighting his skills and positive attributes in order to convince the employer to hire him. A good cover letter is thus an effective option to boost your image and helps one in securing a job in the marketing sector.

  • Sender’s and receiver’s details: Be very careful when you give the sender and receiver’s details and make sure you spell the name and designation correctly. Spelling and grammatical mistakes create a very bad impression and no matter how good your cover letter is, this will negatively affect your chances of getting the job
  • Date and place: Write down the date and place as this is a formal letter
  • Professional greetings: Use a formal way of addressing the receiver by saying “Dear Mr ____” or “Respected Sir/Ma’am” if you don’t know the name.
  • Subject: As this an official letter, write down the subject which will state why you are writing the letter
  • Body: The opening paragraph must be able to grab the attention of the reader. Do not give the same information which is there in your resume but show your creativity. Be professional and respectful while describing your previous achievements in marketing. In the following paragraphs you can highlight your skills and show why you are the right person for the job and how you plan to contribute towards the company
  • Signing off: Sign off the letter by thanking the receiver and display hope of a possible interview.