Training Application Cover Letter

Simon David

House no: 1287

Manuel street



Mrs Dimera Samuel

Accounts department head

Magnetic solutions


Dear Madam,

I am currently a student of the accounting in the Colarado University. My graduate program will be over in the next month and as a continuation of my learning experience, I want to start up my career as an accounting specialist as a trainee. I have been collecting information about the successful concerns in this field.

From the analysis of the information that I have gained, I have concluded that your firm is the best platform that I could get. More over, I feel that all the knowledge and ability that I have gathered can be made use of for the betterment of your company in some respect. I know that the practical experience in this field is not just the criteria for becoming a good accountant. The reputation and the quality of the place from which I receive the knowledge is also important.

Awaits a favorable reply from you. You can contact me on 4672945859678 at any time.


Simon David