Teaching Application Cover Letter

May Sims

Spring mark lane

House no: 5632



The administrator

Hilton group of educational institutions


Respected sir/madam,

I am a post-graduate degree holder in English and I have also passed the necessary eligibility exams for becoming a school teacher. In aggregate, I have an experience in teaching for 6 years in different institutions in and outside the state of Colorado.

On the basis of the experience that I have in this field and due to the higher level of reputation of your institution, I would like to apply for the post of school teacher in the school under the concern to which you are the administrator. I have a good knowledge about the goals and considerations of your institution and I am ready to abide by them.

I consider myself honored if I am being selected to that post. Therefore, I request you to kindly assess my application in a positive way.

Yours faithfully

May Sims