Scholar Application Cover Letter

Richard Stewart,
432, West 67 Street,
Carlisle, Massachusetts 01741


Mr. Adam Smith,
Computer Science Department,
430, Park Avenue South,
NY 34764.

Dear Mr. Smith:

I, Richard Anderson, am a citizen of Poland who is currently enrolled at a Massachusetts university. I am enclosing a completed application form meant for the undergraduate degree program in computer science field. The official score reports of the SAT (GRE, GMAT) and TOFEL exams will also be send to the university.

I am applying for complete financial support for covering the tuitions fees and the living expense from the university. My future is reliant on the generosity shown by the university as I am in a bad financial condition. I request you to consider me for the scholarships or awards apart from this for which I may be eligible.

I will try to be in touch with you through email, phone or fax. Thank you for considering my request.


Richard Stewart