PhD Application Cover Letter

Steve martin

1816 N Cascade Avenue,

Colorado Springs 80907

May 7, 2009

Personnel Department

Faculty of biosciences

Yale University,

New Haven

Respected Selection Committee Members,

I saw your advertisement recently regarding the vacancy for the doctoral grant for a project on biosciences. I hereby submit this application respectfully, for I believe that I am qualified enough to meet all the eligibility criteria and needs of this project.

I have a master’s degree in biosciences from Harvard University. I work in an institution of biosciences. I also have five years experience as a lecturer. I think this shows that I am keen to be working on this project. My studies have not only provided with research experience and strong academic background but also the way through which the things that I have studied are applied practically. I am keen about pursuing a PhD, as it will expose me to the areas of biosciences that I have dreamed about.

Thanking you for considering my request.


Steve Martin