Leave Application Cover Letter

232 South Avon,
Milton, New York 10945


Jack Richardson

HR manager

ABC Corporation

54 West Second Street
Albany, NY 10056

Dear Mr. Jack:

I want to make a request of thirty days leave of absence due to some personal reasons. If there are no issues regarding this, I want to leave work on the first of July and return on the first of August.

I would also love to bring to the notice that I have been a very regular employee of yours. The efforts I have put for the betterment of the firm has been well appreciated even by the top management of the company. If you approve my request, I would be traveling during that period. However, I would be extremely happy to assist the company with any questions through email or phone. I also promise that I will try my level best to shorten my trip and return for work before the mentioned date itself.

Thank you for considering my request.


Alec Hick