Job Application Letter Template

Bruce Williams,
house number 322 S

Riverview street,

Date: April 11, 2010.

Clark Kent,
HR Manager,

Marburry Inc.,
4 Tiverton Lane,

Dear Mr. Kent,

I am currently a final year student of pharmacy science in the Norman University of Pharmacy. I was searching for a position as an associate of General Pharmacist to get incorporated with after the completion of my graduation in the next month. I am a person who likes to work in an environment, which could be able to bring out the efficiency in me and at the same time broadening the horizon of my knowledge.

I was pursuing the continuous education program through attending the lectures and volunteering to take part in the functioning of professional organizations. I have tried my best and have the result in the form of much needed exposure to almost all the branches of pharmacy. I was involved in research in this field and along with that the participation in the lectures given by the efficient and experienced persons in the field.

I would like to have a discussion with you on the terms and conditions of the job. You can contact me on 23675239078.

Thanking you

Bruce Williams