Internship Application Cover Letter

Silvia parsons

Laterhart University



The administrator

Symbian botanical park


Dear sir/madam

I am writing this letter to show my immense interest in joining the internship for scientific research your concern is planning to conduct in the coming summer. I received the information about this internship through the Laterhart University career service office.

The interest for the scientific research has driven me in different directions to gain a lot of knowledge about it. I am having a good deal of experience related to the laboratory in subjects like geology, chemistry and biology. These experience is gained through the work, both on the field and the indoors.

During the last summer, I have worked as an assistant in the clumber national park. It was a truly amazing and knowledgeable experience. I believe that this experience has provided me the necessary background for making me eligible for this post. Looking forward in communicating with you.

Thank you for your consideration.


Silvia Parsons