Grant Application Cover Letter

Simon Starke

Community Foundation

St george street



Dr. Marion Smith,

Program Officer

Welfare department
431 Common Lane

Dear Dr. Smith:

The Michigan community centre is making a request of a grant to the tune of $50,000 for conducting the pilot project for this year. We are proud to say that this is the largest community centre in the whole of United States, which is aimed at providing help for the needy and the financially weak. We are giving special consideration for the senior citizens of the state.

This pilot project is mainly aimed at the welfare of the senior citizens and to enable them to have a source of income for their own survival. In the last year also such a program was conducted and it was a big success. Through that program we were able to provide educational support for so many financially weak students who were having the ability and intention to study more.

Thank you for the consideration you have shown to our initiative. I will be coming to the office next week and will be answering your queries. Looking forward to the meeting.


Simon Starke