Computer Engineer Job Application Cover Letter

Mr. John Burns

Personnel Manager

Morning Star Computer Firm

Hare Town, KA 228884

Dear Mr. Burns

I am writing to apply in reply to your announcement appearing on 9th June at for a Computer Engineer for your project. After methodically evaluating the needs, I noted that my edification, skills, expertise and knowledge are a precise match to those necessary by your corporation. I did my B Tech in Computer Engineering from New York University, and I am in the course of finishing my Masters in the same at Minnesota University. I have a lot of awareness about the industry learning’s and accomplishments, which I sense could put in value to this business.

I am at present working for Mary Softwares, accountable for researching, development, and proposing scheme and hardware options that meets clients’ trade needs. I have always been one among the top performers.

I shall be eagerly waiting for your call.


Joanna Love Hewitt

Resume enclosed