College Application Cover Letter

Susanna Barnes
House No: 12B
Main Street
New Jersey

26th August 2010.

Mr. Steve Gray
chairman of Admissions committee
International School of Business
New York

Dear Mr. Gray,

I am currently a student from the Befine International School of Business Studies. My graduate course in this line will be over within one month and this is the reason why I am interested in applying for the admissions to the masters in business management.

I have enclosed the completely filled in application form of the college and as per the requirements in the application form, the grade sheets that I have received so far along with the recommendation note from the head of the department in my college.

I am also requesting for some financial assistance that the college is able to render just like the scholarships and this could be a huge help for me in completing the course successfully.

Thanking you for your consideration and valuable time,


Susanna Barnes