Clerkship Application Cover Letter

Dt: 24th July, 2012

Mr. Brian Evans,

Recruitment Head

Wake Forest University

Las Vegas, NV

Respected Mr. Evans,

With a bachelor degree in education and after acquiring two plus years of experience as a clerkship assistant, I am now prepared to approach you for the job position of clerkship coordinator that is vacant in your prestigious institution. I will use my skills in an efficient way so as to manage all the essential administrative tasks of your institution in a well organized manner.

Sir, over the past two years; I have coordinated all the administrative programs with an eye for detail. I have actively participated in the decision making process of the administrative team. I implemented various curricular initiatives set forth by the administrative team. I reviewed the quality assurance programs on a regular basis and coordinated with the various educational departments to optimize the curricular events.

Sir, I am confident that my ability to communicate with individuals of diverse backgrounds and my strong organizational skills will help me, perform this job in a fully fledged manner.

Enclosed are my resume and references. If you are interested in scheduling an interview, please contact me at 24656262.


Mattan Erez

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