Application Cover Letter Template

Anto Dickens,
house no: w 32
14 Eddy field,

25th June 2010

Kristen Clarke,
HR Manager,

Kent Inc.,
Tiven Lane,

Dear Mr. Clarke,

I have learned from a local newspaper that your company is on the search for a receptionist for your front office. If you are looking for a person with excellent skills in communication and a dynamic personality, I could be the best person for the post.

I am currently working at the front desk of a company named Cremo Advertising Company. My duty includes attending phone calls, receiving the clients, canalizing the clients to the proper officer, etc.

I have heard a lot about your firm and I am really having great interest in working for you. The experience and skill that I have earned during the 5 years of working can be utilized effectively for the company.

You can contact me at any time in 233-468-235 to fix a date comfortable for both.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Anto Dickens.