Accountant Job Application Cover Letter

Mr Mark Willis


Nelson Finances and Co.

32 Manhattan

Dear Mark,

I wish to apply for the post for an entry rank accountant. During the previous ten years, I have had the opportunity to gather knowledge from the ground level.

Starting with my initial job as an accounting clerk, I have benefited from the challenge of incessantly applying the greatest accounting practices to aid and deliver business aims. To that end, I have constantly sought education in the latest accounting developments, and then put it to work for my employer.

The result has been worth the endeavour. Every year, the Accounts Payable division of my current firm, has become all the more precise and well-organized, eliminating delayed or incorrect expenses and discounting the company hundreds of dollars.

I am eager to bring this commitment to competence and growth to your association as an accountant. I thank you in advance for consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Ms. Melissa Fuller