Compliance Analyst Cover Letter

Dt: 12th July 2012

Ms. Adela Yakar

Human Resource Manager


Columbus, OH

Respected Ms. Yakar,

In response to your advertisement in the Employment Express, please consider my resume in your search for a Compliance analyst.

I have a bachelor degree in Finance and Accounting and have three years of solid experience working as a compliance analyst. In addition to my college degree, I have acquired the certified internal auditor designation and the Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter certification.

During my past employment period, I have accomplished various important tasks successfully. My job responsibilities included:

  • Researching data and responding to the department of Insurance at regular intervals.
  • Assisting in the research of market conduct annual statement.
  • Conducting regularly scheduled audits of company policies.
  • Preparing finalized audit reports etc.

Sir, I am self motivated and a detail oriented professional having good interpersonal and communication skills. I am proficient in all the Microsoft Office applications and able to work under changing environments.

I would like to meet you in person to establish my candidature in a detailed way. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Faithfully Yours,

Mikhail Belkin

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