Behavior Analyst Cover Letter

Date: 29 October, 2011

Mr. Wilson Freon

Hiring Manager

Association for Behavioral Analysis International

222 Curt Lane

Respected Mr. Freon,

Please consider me a reliable candidate for the advertised position of a Behavior Analyst at Association for Behavioral Analysis International.

Previously, I have been working since 7 years with Behavior Analysis and Management Limited, where the organization was involved into finding new methods and ways to solve previous problems. My task as a Behavioral Analyst was:

  • Involved in deeper work to find specific matters of the environment
  • To understand different mental issues and being an assistant to formulate treatment procedures

My professional base is in line with my Master’s degree in Psychology and Behavioral Consultants. Along with my career abilities, my excellence in problem solving and investigative skills also makes me fit as a candidate for this job. I have been honored to gain a lot of appreciation from my seniors and was also awarded as the ‘Best Behavioral Analyst’ of my organization.

I am confident that my experience can prove my skills and ability more openly at your organization. It would be great if we meet up for a personal interview. Thank you for your patience and consideration.

Sincerely Yours,

Donald Smith

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