Advertising Sales Representative Cover Letter

Dt: 12th July 2012

Mr. Hal Alper

Recruitment Manager

KDA Communications

New York

Respected Mr. Alper,

I am strongly interested in the Advertising sales representative position, vacant in your company. You are one of the oldest advertising companies, specializing in the local advertising.

Sir, I hold a bachelor degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and I have over two years of experience in the advertising industry. In my past job period, I have accomplished the following tasks:

  • Worked closely with the sales manager in order to generate new advertising business.
  • Developed existing advertising accounts.
  • Reviewed the sales targets in defined territories.
  • Kept track of different clients and their specific needs.

In addition to this, I also have experience in door to door selling and cold calling. Sir, I believe that I can effectively implement my quick learning skill and the basic computer skills in providing the required output to your organization.

I have enclosed my resume for further consideration. I will contact you next week to discuss the employment opportunities. I look forward to speaking with you.

Thank you very much for the time and consideration.

Respectfully Yours,

David Allen

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