Advertising Job Salary Negotiation Cover Letter

Mr. Henry Cooper,

Recruitment Manager,

Bates and Mates Advertising Agency.

52 Horn Grove Street,

New Finland, South Ireland 5212.

Dear Mr. Cooper,

I am writing this letter to let you know that it is a great pleasure for me to get an offer to join your advertising agency in the position of an assistant creative director. Though I agree to all your terms and conditions mentioned in the offer letter but would like to negotiate on the salary offered.

I understand that it is a great honor and a boost for my career, being a part of your organization, but at the same time I also expect a certain justified remuneration. In my current organization I am receiving a salary of $4000 per month. I believe that I should get a 20% hike in my current salary.

It would be really great if you do consider my request. I am enclosing my last two month’s salary slip along with this letter for your reference.


John Abraham.