Advertising Job Recommendation Cover Letter

Mr. Henry Cooper,

Recruitment Manager,

Bates and Mates Advertising Agency.

52 Horn Grove Street,

New Finland, South Ireland 5212.

Dear Mr. Cooper,

I, Goodwill Hunting, CEO of Miller Advertising Agency is writing this letter for recommending Mr. John Mayo for working in the position of an assistant creative director for your organization. John is been working in my organization in the position of an assistant creative director for the last 2 years.

Mr. Mayo has always been an asset for our company. He is an excellent creative individual. His job responsibility in our organization included assisting the creative director, coming up with one liners for promotional campaigns and also designing the layout of an advertisement. He is a very disciplined and obedient employee.

I regret that Mr. Mayo will leaving our organization, but I am happy that he is to going to be a part of a reputed advertising agency like yours. I wish him all the best for his career.


Goodwill Hunting


Miller Advertising Agency.