Cover Letter for Personal Referral for Administrative Job

John Woo

Administration Manager,

Glenn Foundation Limited.

789 John Moore Road,

New York, North Dakota 4512.

Dear Mr. Woo,

I would like to refer Mr. Nathan Lee for a position in the administration department of your organization. I believe that he is an ideal candidate for the position and would surely meet up with your expectations.

Nathan has previously worked in a similar position and has a total work experience of three years in Deal Well Dealers. In Deal Well Dealers he was in charge of controlling the administrative functions. I believe that he has strong management skills and can lead a team efficiently. I can assure you that his efficient administration skills will leave no scope for complaints.

I would be highly grateful if you do consider Mr. Nathan Lee for the job and arrange for an interview. I can assure that he will prove himself ideal for the job. I am herewith enclosing his resume along with this letter for your reference.


Jack Lane.