Public Accounting Cover Letter

Hector Branson

356 Hinton Avenue
Florida, USA 99999
November 15, 2008

Mr. Dean Brown

Hiring Manager
William and Alderson Accounting Offices
418 Belmont Avenue
Any Town, USA 99999

Dear Mr. Brown,

I am writing this cover letter after seeing your post on that you are looking for experienced public accountants. I got my accounting degree from San Diego State University in 2008. I hope to attain my CPA over the next two years so I can focus on my specialty-corporate tax.
It would be an honor for me to get associated with William and Alderson as a public accountant now and to move up the ladder when I have my CPA in hand.

I would like to have a personal meeting with you so that you can learn more about me and my professional abilities. I can be available any time that works for all of you. You can call me at 823-558-4183 in the afternoons after 1:00 pm to set up an appointment. Thank you so much for considering my request.


Hector Branson