Business Account Manager Cover Letter

Date : 6th July 2012


Mr. Ivo Babushka

HR Head, Ivory Technologies

999 Richmond Ave

Phoenix, AZ

Respected Mr. Babushka,

I am very excited by the possibility of joining your organization as business account manager. I possess professional experience of more than 8 years in accounting. With my previous work experience in accounting related profiles and other similar posts, I believe I can be considered a needful asset in this company.

My extraordinary skills in mathematics, accounting and understanding of management matters will definitely result efficient management and development of the organization in the financial matters. I am also skilled in conducting training & audit sessions for finance employees and interns. I also possess training experience as I have conducted more than 50 training sessions so far in my career.

A particular strength of mine is establishing rapport with employees at all levels. I always take personal interest in helping people to set goals and cope with change. I have also demonstrated creative accounting policies to innovate accounting related program development and implementation.

I appreciate your consideration and will contact shortly you to discuss this opportunity in the near future.


Aaron Baker

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