Accounting Manager Cover Letter

Daniel Lipe,

Hurt Locker Inc.,

1690, Thunder Road,

Woodstown, NJ.

Dear Mr. Lipe,

Subject: Offering Candidacy for the position of Accounting Manager

I had always aimed to be a part of and work for the prestigious company Hurt Locker Inc. So when I saw the post in, I immediately sent this cover letter seeking a position as accounting manager in your esteemed company.

I am proficient in conducting project work, running workshops and trainings. In my current position as an accounting manager in Masha Private Limited in Berlin, I have also gathered experience in training and supervising staff, introducing and installation of a new accounting system.

I hope you find my credentials and experience relevant and useful to the requirements of your company. I would remain obliged if you would grant me an interview. I would be eagerly waiting for your reply. Thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,

Gloria McQueen.